Replica badges and buckles
from Judge Dredd (1995)

Judge Dredd Shields

Judge Dredd Shields

This flat badge and buckle are licenced replicas, produced by SD Studios. They are made of pewter with 24Karat Gold plating. Cast off the original pieces.

Value: Buckle £75, Movie badges 50 each. [Not for sale]

The comic badge is also gold plated and can be bought from Termight Replicas for £15.

Judge Dredd Shields

These shields are metal movie replicas. They have been gold leafed.

Value: 20 each. [Not for sale]

Judge Hunter Badges

These badges are made from a resin and pewter mix. They are replicas from the Judge Hunter uniform. The eagle badge comes from the breast plate and shield comes from the helmet.

Value 8 each. [Not for sale]
Status: Eagle badge sold.

Judge Badges

These resin badges are casts from a Judge Dredd's helmet, relief badge and belt buckle.

Value: US$10 each (painted) [Not for sale]

Judge Dredd and Death Shields

These resin shields are based on the comic version of Judge Dredd.

Value 10 each.


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