Original Lawgiver props
from Judge Dredd (1995)

Lawgive Prop

This Lawgiver prop was also used on the set of the movie. It features a thick gauge metal barrel, plastic inserts instead of paint for the blue square, red triangle and red parallelograms. It also has a flat plastic lens over the double whammy barrel. The plastic is hard but the gun is hollow, making it the lightest of all the lawgivers on this page.

Value (with COA): 600
Weight: 390 grams (13 oz)

Lawgive Prop

This Lawgiver prop was created for the 1995 Cinergi movie production of Judge Dredd. It is made from hard plastic and does not feature any cut-aways for electrical mechanisms. This was used with the Origin replica uniform and was the only original piece supplied to Origin direct from the studio for this purpose.

Value (with COA): 600 [Sold]
Weight: 725 grams (1 lb, 9 oz)

Lawgiver Prototype Prop

This Lawgiver prop was not used in the movie, but was produced by the same person who made many of the movie used props. The gun is made of a resinated fibreglass. Note that it has no sight, a thin gauge metal barrel and the lower barrel is of the 'Double Whammy' version. The lack of sight suggests that it wan't used in the movie because it was a prototype which would have used a removable sight fixed directly to the blank firing Berettas on which the guns were based.

Value: 150
Weight: 1000 grams (2 lb, 3 oz)


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