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Most Celebrated British Comedians

For many years, Britain has been influencing the comedy industry in a big way, by producing some of the finest comedians to ever exist. With their rib-cracking comedies, these figures have defined the industry, making it what it is today. This piece looks at some of the country’s most influential comedians.

Seven Most Influential British Comedians

Compiling a list of top British comedians is not easy. In most cases, it is largely a matter of preference. However, no matter who is compiling the list, there are names that tend to recur, and they include:

  • Rowan Sebastian Atkinson- an English screenwriter, comedian, and actor, best known for his exceptional work on Mr. Bean and Blackadder.
  • Russel Joseph Howard- a British radio and television presenter, actor, and comedian. He is famed for his work on Mock the Week and Russell Howard’s Good News television shows.
  • Francis Martin Patrick- a Scottish writer and comedian, popularly known for his controversial and pessimistic sense of humour.
  • John Marwood Cleese- a comedian, voice actor, producer, and screenwriter who hit great success heights on The Frost Report and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
  • Michael Hazen James McIntyre- a presenter, actor, and comedian who was, at one time (2012), the world’s highest-grossing comedian.
  • James Anthony Patrick Carr- a stand-up comedian, actor, and TV host, famous for his dark humour, deadpan delivery, and signature laugh.
  • Sean Lock- a comedian and actor who kick-started his career as a stand-up comedian. Sean scooped Britain's Best Live Comic award in 2000.

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